Quickest Way to Lose Weight: 5 Reasons Why your Weight Loss Plan will Fail

quickest way to lose weight

Get off your ass and get the most out of your weight loss plan!

In an attempt to quickly lose weight, people have resorted to different (some extreme) methods of achieving their ideal weight in the shortest time. Many people have approached me with questions on why haven’t they seen results after using certain diet pills or some other popular exercise program.

Well, honestly, I don’t know.

Although I must say I am flattered by such questions because they assume I know it all. Even for products I did not create.

*Rant start*

By the way, if any of you reading this are in contact with me personally, heres my last word of warning to you. Do NOT ask me about any quick fix diet or fat loss pill again. You will not get a response from me. I have said before and I will say again. I do not advocate the consumption of any diet pill no matter how reputable the company manufacturing it is.

*Rant end*

So now that my rant is over, let me now address the rest of you who are genuinely willing to work hard to lose weight by picking up a fat loss program. Of course, getting the fat loss program is just the first step, but an all important step nonetheless.

But as good as the fat loss plan may be, there are still a multitude of factors that will see you going back to square one.

Here are the top 5 reason why your weight loss plan will fail:

1. Focusing only on weight loss:

In my last article on losing the right weight, I’ve mentioned that everyone should focus on FAT LOSS, which is burning fat and building more fat free mass (muscle). If your weight loss plan does not include a muscle building or exercise program, your weight loss plan is most likely to fail. Even if you succeed, it won’t be sustainable.

2. Thinking that exercising is all it takes:

Exercising is an important element of reducing tummy fat or fat loss. But it is not the only factor for the quickest way to lose weight. Your diet makes up 80% of all fat loss successes. If you think purely exercising and not having to change your diet will help you to lose weight, you are wrong. With exercise, appetite naturally increases. People justify their increased appetite with their increased exercise activity. So whatever calories that you’ve burned from your workout are negated from your extra calorie consumption. In the end, you are back to square one.

3. Not willing to change your lifestyle:

The second most frequently asked question I often receive is, “How can I lose weight without having to change my diet and lifestyle?” Its like asking how can you hook up a hot date without having to approach him/her. Or how can you get rich by sitting on your ass all day?

Anthony Robbins once said,

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

Your current lifestyle of over eating, happy hour drinking and lack of exercise got you to where you are today – fat. Continue to go down this road does not lead to the holy land of six pack success. Something has to give:  Your diet, your time and most importantly, your attitude.

4. Not having realistic goals:

When you start a fat loss program, you should set a realistic goal for yourself on how much weight you want to lose at the end of the program. Contrary to what many fat loss programs claim, there are no miracle fat loss programs that will help you burn 10kg or 22lbs in one week. If you buy into the marketing bullshit or those fat loss programs and expect to lose 10kg a week, you will set yourself up for disappointment. When you are unable to reach your first goal, you’ll be discouraged and no matter how effective the program may be, you’ll give up after the first week.

A realistic fat loss would be 0.5 – 1kg of weight loss a week. Using that indication as a gauge, set yourself a realistic target at the end of your fat loss program. Remember, you did not get fat over one or two weeks. So don’t expect the program to change you into Megan Fox overnight. By setting realistic goals, you’ll feel more motivated and encourage you to continue with the program until you eventually reach your goal.

5. Never asking when in doubt:

When starting out a fat loss program to reduce tummy fat, there might be things within the program that you don’t fully understand. Most fat loss plans offer a support helpdesk or at least an email address for you to direct any question you may have. Never get any fat loss program that doesn’t come with any post sale support. This is very important!

When in doubt, always ask! Never assume you know what they are talking about. By assuming you may risk injuring yourself and also render you unable to maximize the benefits of the program.

It is true that many fat loss programs out there are scams that are nothing more than just a simple restrictive diet program. But there are also programs out there that are genuinely effective at helping you lose weight. If you are currently following a fat loss program and are struggling to see results, see if you are guilty of any of the 5 reasons above.

If you are a busy professional struggling to lose weight but haven’t found the right fat loss program, do check out the 10 Minute Corporate Fat Loss Plan. It includes a 10 minute home exercise program and a strategic dieting plan that will have you seeing results in just the first week. It also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the results. So don’t hesitate, get the program today and give it a try!

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